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Personal Alarm

$18.59 $18.00

Personal Alarm Siren Sound 130 DB. Easy to activate and you can use it multiple times.
Perfect for emergencies, potential thieves, scare aggressors, and anyone that approaches you without your consent.

Small and Portable Alarm suitable for all ages. The alarm can be attached to keys, purse, handbag, bag, any chain, pocket, schoolbag, backpack, baggage, suitcases, or your pet leash.

Battery and extra battery included, up to TWO years of life included.



  • Alarm
  • Battery
  • Extra Battery

From our customers

I gave this as a present to my daughter and nieces. You can never be too careful. I show them how to use it, and they were really happy with the gift. I love how easy it is to use it that even the youngest (8 years old) got the hang of it pretty quick. – Miriam

This is a great product!. On these days you have to take care of yourself and your loved ones. This will definitely could make a difference if someone attacks you. Also, we got extra batteries, which was nice. – Dianne

First of all, I got it right away! So thank you for that. Second of all, I tried it at home and IT’S SUPER LOUD! I’ll be purchasing more to give them as gifts to my daughter and her friends. This world can be scary sometimes, and as a father, I could use all the help. – Patrick