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Phone Cupholder

Car Cup Holder for any phone.
This phone holder is perfect for any car. Feel the great support that provides adjusting to different sizes of cup holders and different sizes of the phone.
It’s perfect for any car and provides a real grip to ensure that your phone is available without taking your hands out of the wheel.
Easy to release with button use is the perfect companion, it will keep your air vents free and will provide the same easy access to keep you safe while you access to your information without holding your phone.
The cup holder adapts to different phone sizes as well as different cupholders, its easy to install and uninstall.

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  • Adjustable Cup Holder



Finally, I found a phone holder for my car that makes sense! I hate the ones that block the AC, especially because if you talk on speaker, the air makes an awful sound that’s impossible to hear. This cupholder is a great option. Im happy with my purchase. Thank you!. – Rirchard

It’s really sturdy and fits really well in my car. It holds on to my phone and I can point it to any direction which I love. – Matt

I love this phone holder because you can charge the phone with the cable and use it at the same time. I know it sounds like a basic function, but I swear most of the phone holders hold the phone by the bottom and they block were you plug-in the cable. This one, on the other hand, has space there GENIUS. Thank you – Jimmy